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If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. In the Pivotal "Your GPS to Success" course learn the key components to understanding how your beliefs, values, and identity make your reality. Uncover your guiding coordinates for success through several self-evaluation activities. Learn key strategies for understanding how to take action for yourself and build better relationships, leading to better communication and ultimately your success in your personal and professional life!

Learning Objectives

Understand how our subconscious thoughts might be limiting our current reality.
Learn to use self-awareness in three different perspectives.

Discover your personal philosophy and how you can help that to grow.

Course Procedure

1) Enroll in the Course

2) Follow the self-paced course, no need to rush, complete it at your own pace.

3) Download documents has needed for your viewing and reference during the activities.

4) Should you need to pause, the system will remember where you left off.

Course Content

Introduction & Course Instructions
E-Book "Your GPS to Success" & Worksheets
Presentation: Your GPS to Success
Infographic & Special Offer

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