Pivotal Webinar Squatology

by Hayley Hollander and Scott Hopson

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Squatology: Squatting is a fundamental movement of global human function as well as one of the most debated and discussed movements in the industry - often with dogmatic and limited views of right and wrong. This webinar will explore the structural, functional, biomechanical and environmental influences on a person’s reason, and ability, to squat optimally for them.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn how each person's unique architecture is different and impacts how an individual might successfully squat.

Students will learn how to apply a squat to an individual's purpose and capacity.

Students will learn how to strategically apply successful squatting techniques by implementing various beginning positions, and environments.

Course Procedure

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Course Content

Handouts: Squatology
Webinar Video: Squatology
Squat Videos: Squatology
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