Pivotal Group Coaching Certification

by Scott Hopson and Hayley Hollander

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The desire to connect with other humans is a part of our DNA. Rooted deeply in our neurobiology, we are driven to thrive and survive through emotional interaction with others. The Pivotal Group Coaching Certification helps the movement professional to create environments of transformation that connect people for success through movement, coaching, and programming.

This online course utilizes key concepts of human psychology, and the behavioral motivations behind human movement and choice. It integrates proven methods to engage exercisers in a group setting by implementing autonomy, relatedness, and competence; and provides the movement professional with the ability to create group programming on demand, based on various themes, and participants in the class.

Available Course Credits

ACE 0.80
NASM 1.40

Learning Objectives

· Learn how humans are neurobiologically wired and driven to make choices within positive environments supported by a group or community.

· Discover the key aspects of motivation and how it is influenced, reinforced, and repeated by emotional drivers. Then discuss the ways in which we can create positive emotional experiences with a group setting and drive success and retention.

· Explore the unique benefits of play and how it opens the mind for insightful problem solving, relationships and communication, and builds our sense of self-worth. Then learn applied methods for integrating play into your group sessions, while considering varied levels of fitness and personalities within the class.

· Gain an understanding of the 10 Observational Essentials, derived from the Gray Institute. These key ingredients allow the professional to create and build ENDLESS and INDIVIDUAL movement experiences within a group setting. These movement ingredients give the coach the ability to ‘Create on Demand’, and format class experiences for varied goals, levels, and aspirations within the group.

· Experience a new way to program, by learning how themes drive the purpose of the session. Then build out your exercises and formats based on the interrelated qualities and phases of the program. Review program templates and match your own class program to the desired outcome of your class.

· Apply new coach communication skills that will maximize each exercisers performance and effort. The course will expand on advanced concepts of coaching task, coaching using a multi-sensory delivery including external cueing, and how to coach competition.

The Pivotal Group Coaching Certification includes:

· 6 hours of engaging video and corresponding handouts.

· Bonus videos include: Sample Class, and Games

· Group Class Templates (Including three samples of different themes)

· Earn 8+ CEC/CEUs from ACE, NASM, AFAA, and PTA Global.

· Education taught by world-renowned coaches: Scott Hopson & Hayley Hollander

Course Content

Introduction to Pivotal Group Coaching
Psychology of Movement
Movement System
Coaching Science & Communication
Programming System
Connecting the Dots
Test & Certificate of Completion

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