Developing Power From the Ground Up - Plyos & Med Balls

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Plyometrics and med ball work are deeply powerful training components for developing power ground up and top down. They are equally critical for enhancing kinetic linking, reducing energy leaks, and upgrading speed strength in all populations – when used intelligently. This webinar shares a systematic approach to optimizing starting strength, elastic strength and reactive strength by manipulating position, initiation, triangulation and load.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand the role power plays in optimizing movement and performance.
  • Students will learn the performance and injury prevention benefits of Plyometric and medicine ball integration.
  • Students will learn a system for creating techniques using force, movement and environment.

Course Procedure

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Course Content

Handouts: Plyos & Med Balls
Webinar Video: Developing Power from the Ground Up - Plyos & Med Balls
Exercise Videos: Plyos & Med Balls
Case Study: Plyos & Med Balls
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