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Topic #1 - Stress & Expression: How we look, feel, and perform in life (and sport) is dictated by how we respond to stress. Human beings are made up of over 30 trillion cells that express their potential based on responding to internal and external environments (stressors). In this webinar discover the influence of the 3 brains and 3 systems of human function and how they work together to create habits of harm or habits of harmony in ourselves as well as those we coach and serve.

Topic #2 - From Assessment to Programming: Movement assessment (observation) is a critical part of the Pivotal M4 system as it lays the foundation for developing effective and efficient movement in our clients. In this webinar we will present various strategies and techniques for integrating assessment results into authentic and intelligent programming. Finally, we will share real case studies you might experience with those you coach.

Topic #3 - Squatology: Squatting is a fundamental movement of global human function as well as one of the most debated and discussed movements in the industry - often with dogmatic and limited views of right and wrong. This webinar will explore the structural, functional, biomechanical and environmental influences on a person’s reason, and ability, to squat optimally for them.

Topic #4 - Developing Power from the Ground Up: Med Balls & Plyos: Plyometrics and med ball work are deeply powerful training components for developing power ground up and top down. They are equally critical for enhancing kinetic linking, reducing energy leaks, and upgrading speed strength in all populations – when used intelligently. This webinar shares a systematic approach to optimizing starting strength, elastic strength and reactive strength by manipulating position, initiation, triangulation and load.

Learning Objectives


  • Students will be able to learn and define stress and how it expresses itself within Mindset, Movement, Metabolic, and Mechanical systems of human movement.
  • Students will be introduced to the three movement systems of the body: Software, Hardware, & Highways. And will be able to identify the three brains of the body and how they impact how we process stress.
  • Students will explore an overview of our fascial system and how it can express 'stuck stress' within movement and emotions, limiting our ability to perform to life's demands.


  • Students will learn the how the structure and function of our human biology dictates how we would assess global human function.
  • Students will learn how to connect the dots between chain reaction biomechanics and myofascial lines within a movement observational assessment.
  • Students will explore how we would program for various things that are seen in the movement assessment and what areas might be gunked up.


  • Students will learn how each person's unique architecture is different and impacts how an individual might successfully squat.
  • Students will learn how to apply a squat to an individual's purpose and capacity.
  • Students will learn how to strategically apply successful squatting techniques by implementing various beginning positions, and environments.


  • Students will understand the role power plays in optimizing movement and performance.
  • Students will learn the performance and injury prevention benefits of Plyometric and medicine ball integration.
  • Students will learn a system for creating techniques using force, movement and environment.

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Course Content

Handouts: Stress & Expression
Webinar Video: Stress & Expression
Breathe+ : Exercise Videos
Handouts: From Assessment to Programming
Webinar Video: From Assessment to Programming
Case Study: Assessment & Exercises
Handouts: Squatology
Webinar Video: Squatology
Squat Videos: Squatology
Handouts: Plyos & Med Balls
Webinar Video: Developing Power from the Ground Up - Plyos & Med Balls
Exercise Videos: Plyos & Med Balls
Case Study: Plyos & Med Balls
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